For book lovers – My April favorite reads

First things first I finally bought a Kindle! It is the Voyage model and I wanted one of these for ages!!! I usually read on my iPad which is not bad but I really needed something that feels like paper and that doesn’t weigh a ton.

I still use my iPad for all my magazine subscriptions and I really love it! I don’t remember when was the last time I bought a magazine in paper form. I truly believe that more people should try to switch from paper to any electronic medium they prefer in order to preserve the planet and protect our forests. So every time there is an alternative I pick the electronic version and that’s the reason you will not see to many hardcovers or paperbacks on my blog. That being said, I really really enjoy my new device!

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Fool Me Once is a multi-murder mystery, a page turner and one of the favorites of this month. I had a very hard time putting this book down! There are so many twists and turns until the very end! The story follows special ops pilot Maya that becomes suspicious after she sees her dead husband playing with her daughter on her nanny cam while she is at work. How can this be? Get your copy on Amazon and be prepared for the twisted twist ever!

Room by Emma Donoghue

I was personally put off by the narration in the beginning, it definitely feels awkward and unnatural but once I accommodated I love every single bit of Room. I had tears in my eyes most of the time imagining the life of this little soul that never knew anything else than the small Room where he was born and grew up. I am definitely looking forward seeing the movie – I haven’t seen it yet, I was waiting to read the book first. Find it here on Amazon.

Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris


I am a big fan of the Hannibal Lecter series and I decided to re-read them this month. The first time I discovered the series, I was in high school and I forgot most important aspects of them. In Red Dragon, you will find special agent Will Graham, the greatest profiler the FBI ever had and the one who captured Hannibal Lecter, asked to help in the failed investigation of a serial killer (The Tooth Fairy) who massacred two families. In The Silence of the Lambs you’ll find FBI trainee Clarice Starling who is given the assignment of catching “Buffalo Bill” (a terrifying serial killer that skins his young victims). Supervised by Special Agent Jack Crawford, Starling is sent to consult Dr. Hannibal Lecter in order to understand the dark mind of the murderer and proceed with the investigation. Both Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs can be found on Amazon.

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