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Peloton Bike Bianca Chvatik

I haven’t been so excited to write about something in a very long time so here I am back again telling you about this amazing upgraded invention: Peloton Bike! Yes, an indoor exercise bike but not any bike because this one offers online streaming live and on demand spin classes. How amazing is that? And if you don’t know, I am telling you that I got addicted to this little wonder and I am not a bike or spin fan (now I am I guess). You don’t have to believe me, just research for yourself and you will see.img_2801


Peloton bike is made of sleek black carbon steel but it is no bulky by any means, it is in fact very compact leaving just a 4′ x 2′ footprint. I placed mine right in the living room so I can spin in my comfort zone. If you have a home gym then lucky you, you can place the Peloton easily in the middle of it – it’s pity and too beautiful to put it in a corner.

The belt drive is silent (they say nearly silent but I never hear it) and there’s no need to oil the chain and the resistance is magnetic so it never touches the flywheel (goodbye wear and tear). Everything else is adjustable like with any other bike (the seat, the handlebars, the incline of the screen).

The main attraction point is actually the full HD touchscreen integrated with the bike performance metric sensors. It also connects to WiFi (of course) so all the live streaming and on-demand content is instantly accessed. The best feature is the socially integrated experience: live classes, live performance metrics, live leaderboard and if you fall asleep during the class every now and then or try to hide in a corner at the end of the leaderboard (like me) the instructor will call you out! So, no reason to be lazy.




One other mention is that along with the bike you need to purchase a subscription package so you can access the on-demand and live classes. If you order the bike via their website and you are kind to use my referral link you get 2 months free with your subscription. And don’t forget to send your own referral link (received when you purchase the bike) further to your friends and family so they can get 2 months free as well.  Oh, please follow me, I am BiancaCHV on Peloton app.

Did you try Peloton? How did you like it?

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Nice article! I’m thinking about getting one of those bikes too!
Thanks for sharing!

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