Philosykos by Diptyque

Philosykos Diptyque

Oh, lovely figs! I love love love the smell of anything related to figs, from the trees to the fruit themselves. It’s refreshing, uplifting, green and summery. Philosykos is more than just freshly cut figs, it is the perfect green unisex woody fragrance to wear on very hot summer days when anything and everything seems too much.

I don’t know about you but I noticed that everybody wears the same fruity, citrusy or coconut scent in the summer and I just wanted something a little bit different this time around. Philosykos by Diptyque is indeed different and I love the fact that is unisex so my husband can also share it. It is not by any means masculine but rather neutral. It just smells good and uplifting with the perfect balance between sweet notes (coconut) and woody notes (cedar). This combination makes this beautiful fragrance fit for most occasions and situations, a really good summer all-rounder.

Philosykos comes in Eau de Toilette (3.4 oz or 1.7 oz) and Eau de Parfum (2.5 oz) but don’t rush to buy it until you smell both versions. The EDT is simnifically different than the EDP, first beeing fresher, sweeter while the later one beeing more woody and a bit more bitter. Both lovely and both worth to have on hand.

I have on my wish list L’Ombre dans l’Eau. I think it’s aquatic notes, roses and spices will make such a wonderful evening summer fragrance along with Do Son – a beautiful tuberose heavy mix.

Diptyque’s Eau de Toilettes are priced at $125 for 3.4 oz and $90 for 1.7 oz. They also brought on the market 1 oz travel friendly bottles of their most popular scents (find them on Space.NK).

Find Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette 3.4 oz: Space.NK.apothecaryBloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.

Philosykos Dipyque

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