Vitamix Ascent A3500

Right before New Year’s Eve I upgraded my Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage with a brand new Vitamix Ascent A3500. Essentially does the same thing except it has a touch screen and timer, a new designed smart container (transparent lid that snaps into place) and it just looks a bit more modern. It has the 5 programs for drinks, frozen deserts, soups, spreads and self clean which I personally loved on my 750 model. All programs are timed now so it is easy to see how much time left there is until what is prepared is ready.

The new container is similar to the short container that was sold on previous models but the lid is redesigned to snap in with a click and it is now transparent. Pretty nice feature I would say, especially if like me you like to watch your blends move. The tamper stays the same as on previous models. What’s nice about Ascent is that there will be few more containers available this spring that can be taken to go (now that’s easy for cleanup) or very small ones for very small batches, grinding spices or coffee.

My main usage for my Vitamix is for smoothies and nut milks but I occasionally use it for other things like soups and frozen deserts. For me, being lactose intolerant, having the option to prepare all sort of nut milks at home and avoid the add-ons chemicals and additives in store bought ones is amazing. I don’t prepare very complex smoothies every day but I use protein extracted from vegan sources (like pea protein) which is harder to blend into a smooth liquid than let’s say whey protein.

Vitamix box

You will see that I added a video below of the unboxing. Yes, finally, a video on this blog! Hurray! I had to use voice over because for some reason I was just blabbing about nonsense all along. Enjoy and to many more other videos!

There are two other blenders in this collection, both as powerful just with different interface. All Ascent blenders will work with the new containers:

Vitamix A3300

Vitamix A2500

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